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Who Rescued Who

Who Rescued Who is a brand new Rock band from the Southeast. Formed in April of 2012 out of three members of the John Earle Band; John Earle (vocals/guitar), Kyle Hasty (bass/vocals) and Brent Couch (drums/vocals.) The JEB was formed in Florida in 2009, releasing two EP’s (which are still available on iTunes) while perfecting their craft and developing their unique identity, now known as Who Rescued Who.

Inspired by a wide variety of music from R&B and Hip/Hop all the way to alt-country, WRW is quick to admit that they don’t want to be labeled or pigeonholed into one specific sound. Regardless of the band’s desire to remain musically anonymous, it can be said that WRW could be a wild infusion of The Police, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Kings of Leon and Dolly Parton; not only musically, but also being inspired by many of the aforementioned band’s live performances and energy.

Their Sound

With an incredibly soulful & smooth vocal delivery from front man John, a solid heavy foundation from Kyle/Brent, as well as an untamed electric guitar, the band uniquely dishes out a wholehearted live show that is astonishingly tight and precise. They never take each other too seriously however. They aren’t too proud to candidly pull out TV theme songs & other hilarious B-sides in the middle of a setlist.

Playing nearly 300 shows a year, WRW always brings a refreshing, good-time party vibe with them, dispersing upbeat original songs, mixed in with some interesting cover songs of never-ending genres. Think of band that sounds like a unicorn singing & looks like the return of Buddy Holly. But don’t judge this book by it’s cover – Who Rescued Who will surprise you & then inspire you. So bring your dancing boots & all of your friends, and get ready for a party in your ears.